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New clients interested in attending small-group equipment classes are asked to first attend at least one private, one-to-one session at a reduced cost of £45 for a one-hour session. Our full schedule of small-group equipment classes can be found here:

Private tuition benefits both the client and the instructor in a variety of ways: this initial session gives your Pilates teacher a chance to assess your posture and alignment, determine your range of movement, and deeply focus on the core principles of the Pilates method in a completely private setting, free from any interruption.

For the client, this important initial one-to-one session provides a private setting to openly discuss injuries and medical concerns in relation to exercise, ask any and all questions about the studio and the Pilates method, as well as become comfortable with the use and safety features of classical Pilates equipment.

Many clients choose to continue with private one-to-one tuition, whilst others feel comfortable enough to move directly into a small group setting. Your instructor will help to expertly guide you in making the best choice for your Pilates training.

Private one-to-one sessions are available throughout the week, from Monday to Friday, in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

These sessions are by appointment only, and are booked at the client’s convenience. Please contact the studio directly by telephone or email, and we will work together to find the best time in your schedule to attend your first appointment.  It’s just that easy!

To book your first appointment, please email us at:

or call: 01273 773742

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

**PLEASE NOTE** We do not require an initial private one-to-one session to join MATWORK classes… you can join a mat class anytime!  Please visit our matwork page for more information: