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Ocean Wave Pilates Expert Testimonials

Good teachers can be made, but the truly great ones are born. Paul McLinden is technically correct, yet innovative and creative. I urge you to attend… in fact, I envy you! Lynne Robinson, the world’s top selling Pilates author and co-founder of the Body Control Pilates Association
Paul McLinden has travelled the globe perfecting the Classical Pilates work. He is one of the UK’s first Pilates teachers to open his heart, his mind, and his studio to fresh ideas. Siri Galliano, founder of Live Art Pilates Beverly Hills and personal trainer to Madonna, Sting, Jessica Lange, Uma Thurman, and Cameron Diaz
With an exercise method as technically demanding as Pilates, you need a mentor who understands the technique, who is very experienced, and has a great sense of humour! Meet Paul Anthony McLinden. Miranda Bass, author of The Complete Classic Pilates Method
I have worked with many Master Pilates Instructors over the years and none have left such a lasting impression on me as Paul McLinden. Thank you Paul, for your energy, your enthusiasm, and your expertise. Tamara Di Tella, founder and CEO of the world’s largest Pilates studio chain

Ocean Wave Pilates Medical Specialist Testimonials

As a local osteopath and pupil of Ocean Wave Pilates, I consider the studio to be a centre of excellence for Pilates. The training and experience of the studio staff have benefited my patients and have also helped me personally. Rick Webbe DO, founder of Seven Dials Osteopathy, Brighton – www.brighton-osteopath.co.uk
Ocean Wave Pilates really care for their clients and their wellbeing. They are knowledgeable and experienced and are able to tailor the exercise regime to fit the individual and his or her needs. I have sent my own patients to Ocean Wave Pilates and without exception, every single person has been completely delighted by their professionalism and instruction Gerry Carter DO (Hons), former Osteopath to the English National Ballet and founder of Back in Brighton – www.backinbrighton.co.uk
Paul McLinden remains considerably involved in the training of Pilates teachers throughout the UK and is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant Pilates coaches in Europe. Barbara Mayr, author of 'Pilates for Back Pain' and founder of Pilates Akademie – www.pilates.at

Ocean Wave Pilates Client Testimonials

Ocean Wave Pilates is a really deserved winner… We love the calm, friendly atmosphere of their classes, as well as the expertise and enthusiasm of the instructors. These are people who clearly know what they are doing! We were also impressed by how well they cater to different levels of fitness, progressing from absolute beginner to advanced. Having classes made available to every ability level makes Pilates more accessible to the younger generation Michael Stevenson, Brighton and Hove Teen Verdict Awards: Best Place to Keep Fit for 2012
I highly recommend Ocean Wave Pilates for anyone wanting to join a small group to learn how to practise Pilates correctly. I’ve just had my 6th lesson at Ocean Wave and I can already feel the benefits of the stretching and breathing techniques I am motivated to try a few stretches at home so that I am more confident in class. It’s very friendly environment and my teachers help to improve my technique during every session. I really love it! Mr. P. Rawlinson
I can’t believe how my body shape has changed since I’ve been coming to equipment studio sessions at Ocean Wave Pilates. Over the course of the year, I’ve lost inches off my waist and hips, whilst gaining muscle tone and a much flatter tummy. I feel stronger and leaner now than I did 10 years ago! Ocean Wave is without a doubt my first choice for Pilates training in Brighton and Hove… I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. Ms. L. Levene
I was referred to Ocean Wave Pilates by my chiropractor, as I was suffering from problems in my back and left leg, which meant any form of exercise was difficult for me to do. Attending Pilates classes at Ocean Wave has helped correct the issues, which I now believe were posture-related and due to sitting at a desk all day. My back problems have dissipated and I have no problems in my leg anymore. This has meant that I have been able to take up more exercise such as swimming and resistance/cardio training in the local park. Pilates has helped strengthen my body so I can do more activities! All the team are professional, very knowledgeable and great fun… I want to thank them all for giving me the confidence to do more. Mr. G. Bradford , Portslade
I can’t believe how quickly I’ve sorted out my neck and shoulder problems. In just five weeks, I can move my neck more than I’ve been able to in years – and that’s after having long courses with chiropractors, physios, and massage therapists. I am most grateful to have lost the ‘tenseness’ that I’ve been carrying… I noticed a difference after my very first Pilates session at Ocean Wave. Ms. A. Lewis, Brighton
Over the last two years, Ocean Wave Pilates in Hove has made a dramatic change to my core strength and general physical well-being, enabling me to move with a greater amount of strength and control. Those who have never tried Pilates or think it’s just stretching, really need to see what excellent trainers can do for you. Pilates isn’t for wimps, it’s for life! Mr. M. Lacey, Hove