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Brighton & Hove's first and finest Pilates studio: tel 01273 773742

Joining Studio Equipment classes with Ocean Wave Pilates

Studio Equipment Class Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am 9am 9am 9am 9am
10.15am 10.15am 10.15am 10.15am 10.15am
11.30am 11.30am 11.30am
12.45pm 12.45pm
5pm 5pm 5pm 5pm
6.15pm 6.15pm 6.15pm 6.15pm
7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm

Due to current COVID-19 laws, the studio is temporarily closed. Please watch this space!  We aim to reopen our Pilates Equipment Studio at 30 The Drive as soon as Government restrictions have been lifted.  In the meantime, please join us from home for live streaming Pilates Matwork Classes via ZOOM


New clients interested in attending equipment classes at 30 The Drive are asked to first attend at least one private session at a cost of £50.

Your initial one-to-one session is the most valuable Pilates class you’ll ever attend… benefiting both the client and the instructor in a variety of ways. This initial session gives your Pilates teacher the opportunity to assess your posture and alignment, determine your pain-free range of movement, and help you to understand the key principles of the Pilates method.

For the client, this important initial one-to-one provides a completely private setting to openly discuss injuries and medical concerns in relation to exercise, ask any and all questions about the studio and the Pilates method, as well as become comfortable with the use and safety features of classical Pilates equipment. The classical apparatus can look intimidating at first… and we want all clients regardless of experience to ‘have a go’ before moving into a semi-private (1:2) setting!

Our maximum number of clients is 2 per session, so you will continually be given expert correction and individualised attention. Your instructor is always there to expertly guide you in making the best choice for your Pilates training.

Initial, private (1:1), and semi-private (1:2) sessions are available five days a week, Monday – Friday, throughout the day.

Please ask for availability on any specific date and we will respond immediately:

or call: 01273 773742

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Paul and Jason