Pilates Matwork Classes

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Live Pilates Matwork Classes Coming Soon!


Live-Streaming Matwork with Jason via Zoom


Classes run every week and you are free to join at any time!

We will ‘pro-rate’ the remaining classes in the the current Matwork course to accommodate any late joiners… please feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns. We are happy to help!

Register today by sending us an email:


or TEXTING Jason on 07909 317930 (text only)


Please check out our ‘Fees’ page for more pricing information and how to pay for your course

Are you in search of a 9″ Pilates ‘soft’ ball or a Resistance Band for your mat class?

We recommend our preferred supplier The Mad Group, a UK-based manufacturer of reliable, low cost Pilates and Yoga equipment, for both professional and recreational use.

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These fun, inexpensive gadgets can not only enhance increase the challenge of your Pilates mat workout, they can ultimately improve your overall stability and flexibility. We recommend products from UK-based Mad Group, as they are made from professional quality materials: anti-tear and anti-burst, providing increased safety and peace of mind. Competitively-priced products are available online through Amazon and similar retailers. Check out the links and please let us know if you have any questions… we are happy to help!



 ‘Classes are small, friendly, inclusive yet also challenging. Paul & Jason couldn’t be any more helpful and encouraging. You will not find two better or more experienced teachers on the planet!’ – Chloe C. 
‘Ocean Wave’s mat sessions are perfectly pitched – the teaching is both supportive and informative. After months of pain, my neck and shoulders feel the best they’ve felt in ages – I am a complete convert!’ – Judith S.
‘I came down from London a couple of years ago looking to carry on with Pilates and wanted a really top quality place where the trainers were excellent, rather than just good. I was rather stunned to realise that I could get trained by people this excellent and at a decent rate. They are absolutely superb, very friendly and helpful, so whether you are a beginner or an expert, they have the right option for you.’ – Martin G.
‘Ocean Wave Pilates is a really deserved winner… We love the calm, friendly atmosphere of their classes, as well as the expertise and enthusiasm of the instructors. These are people who clearly know what they are doing. We were also impressed by how well they cater to different levels of fitness: progressing from absolute beginner to advanced. Having classes made available to all ability levels makes Pilates more accessible to younger generations.’ – Michael Stevenson, Brighton and Hove Teen Verdict Awards: Best Place to Keep Fit for 2012