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Antenatal Pregnancy Pilates

Ocean Wave’s Antenatal pregnancy program is performed on the mat and on classical Pilates equipment, designed and created specifically for the method. If you’ve never tried it, you’ll love working on the exquisite Pilates apparatus, adding a new level of enjoyment to your exercise routine.

Each individual client is mastering her own bespoke, customized Antenatal Pilates program, working in a very small group (1 teacher with only 2 clients), so all mums-to-be are guaranteed lots of support, correction, and guidance.

Without any doubt, our Antenatal and Postnatal Pilates programs are some of the best in the business! We’ve personally worked with Lynne Robinson (the world’s best-selling Pilates author and author of ‘Pregnancy and Pilates’) to create our fun, challenging and most importantly very safe workout for all expectant mums, regardless of experience.  With over 30 years experience teaching both Antenatal and Postnatal Pilates, our founder Paul McLinden guarantees you’ll love your workouts… from the very first session!

We ask that all new Antenatal clients first attend a private, one-to-one session at a cost of £55, before moving into small group (1:2) sessions.

This important initial session gives your instructor the opportunity to observe your range of motion, note any corrections necessary to perform the exercises safely, and to reinforce a very solid understanding of the Pilates method before moving into small group classes.  We encourage our clients to speak freely about their expectations and ‘have a go’ privately on the classical Pilates equipment… before moving directly into a 1:2 class.

After you’ve attended your initial private session, you’ll always be working on a custom-designed Antenatal program… so during 1:2 sessions, you won’t necessarily be doing the same exercises as the other person in the room!  

To book your initial private Antenatal Pilates session, please contact us directly by telephone on (01273) 773742 or by email:

How Ocean Wave Pilates helped me.

Antenatal and Postnatal Pilates at Ocean Wave Pilates in HoveMy son was born 14 weeks ago and throughout my pregnancy, I was eager to stay in shape. Thankfully, Paul and Jason created an individual studio equipment program suited exactly to my needs, keeping in mind my pre-existing injuries. I highly recommend Ocean Wave to anyone looking to stay strong during pregnancy and to regain their figure after childbirth. I’ve started attending Postnatal equipment sessions a relatively short time ago, and I already feel and see the results. Paul and Jason are so professional and lots of fun to work with, this makes a huge difference for me, because I need a few laughs to keep me motivated! Donna P. and Nicolas, September 2013
Having already been a faithful matwork client at Ocean Wave, on becoming pregnant I was very keen to continue exercising. Paul and Jason put together a tailor-made Antenatal Pilates program for me, which enabled me to take part once a week during small group Equipment Studio sessions.  Together, we worked on strengthening my entire body and I was expertly guided through gentle strengthening and stretching exercises. These sessions were not only enjoyable but also a great way of keeping fit in the final stages of my pregnancy… it really prepared me for impending motherhood!  For any mum to be, I would highly recommend Antenatal Pilates with Paul and Jason. Throughout every session at Ocean Wave, I was totally confident that the team understood both my capabilities and limitations. Karen B. and Maya, January 2014
Our son was born on Friday!  He was a little early, but a natural delivery, and we are both doing really well. I am sure my Antenatal Pilates classes at Ocean Wave helped a lot; the midwives at the hospital even commented on my ‘brilliant’ controlled breathing. I genuinely feel the pelvic floor work, breathing, and strengthening exercises have been invaluable. It helped me feel confident and strong during delivery and I’m now gently recovering- so a big ‘thank you’ to Jason and Paul at Ocean Wave! Katherine R. and Ethan, November 2013